The Barcelona Academy of Art

The Barcelona Academy of Art

From Ambatlle, Míriam

Published on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Barcelona Academy of Art has been an ARC approved school and accredited atelier since 2013. From the beginning, their support has been a key factor to enable the development of the Academy both size-wise, resulting in more extensive facilities, and, most importantly, quality-wise.

The recognition by the ARC is not only a doubtless testimony of the high-standards of the programs we host, but also a pact to stay committed to the promotion of contemporary figurative art and visual literacy. It is a pleasure to feel part of a broader cross-cultural artistic community which groups together different people who hold the same values and mindset regarding the advocacy of realist art.


Míriam Ambatlle

Barcelona Academy of Art

BAA Poblenou 

Ciutat de Granada, 34 · 08005 Barcelona