An excellent work!

An excellent work!

From Jeffrey, Victoria

Published before 2005

I receive your ARC newsletter. I'm a speculative fiction author and I also do content writing and reporting for The Middle-Earth network, a site dedicated the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. What I have noticed is that the site attracts talented people, many of them excellent artists in the traditions of the old European masters. I ran across the IlluXCon 7 contest in your newsletter and I decided to write up a post about it for the MEN site. Hopefully you do not mind. Information like this very important for those of us who appreciate art by those who actually have talent. It needs to be broadcast. I found ARC around 2006 and I always enjoy coming here to look at the beautiful work on display and it gladdens my heart that there are newer artists coming up that are rejecting Post-Modernist hucksterism. Here in Portland, Oregon we have the dreadful Time-Based "Arts" festival every September, a Post-Modern travesty that gets a lot of coverage. Meanwhile, real art gets shunted off into the corner. It is ignored by the larger media outlets around here unless we are lucky enough to get priceless paintings or scupltures by one of the old masters or those of the Hudson Bay school of art coming into town.

Thank you for the newsletter in educating us about where to find real art outside of the museums.