ARC Art News Invaluable For The Epoch Times

ARC Art News Invaluable For The Epoch Times

From Mantyk, Katy

Published before 2005

Dear Art Renewal Center,

I just want to say a big thank-you. The ARC website has been an invaluable source for art news leads for The Epoch Times. We've written numerous articles about art events in New York and artists you've highlighted in your blog, on your events list, and through your Salon competition. We check your site regularly, and always know that if you have it listed it will be something valuable and good quality to cover in the Arts sections.

As a newspaper, we don't just cover any and everything art or trends. We believe our readers time and lives are valuable, and aim to offer news and information that is culturally healthy and high quality, supporting art and culture that is positive and meaningful for society.

Thanks for all you do for the art community, wishing you great success for the future.

Kind regards,
Katy Mantyk, Arts Editor
The Epoch Times