Painting Appraisals

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Many people have contacted us throughout the years with questions about paintings or works of art they own.

If you believe you have a work by William Bouguereau, ARC Chairman, Fred Ross, is considered the world authority. If you believe you have a Bouguereau painting, please contact Mr. Ross at

All funds go to the Art Renewal CenterR for use in its scholarship program and other charitable works.

If you believe you have a work by Edmund Blair Leighton, Director of Operations, Kara Lysandra Ross, is currently researching the catalogue raisonné on that artist and is looking for information. If you think you may have an original painting, or even if you only have an old original period print by the artist, the information as to the title and publisher may be useful to her research. She does not charge for reviewing works by this artist. You can contact her directly at