Reflection by Matthew Bober

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Matthew Bober



30.48 x 22.86 cm | 12 x 9 in

Oil on panel

  • Honorable Mention / Still Life

Exhibited at the MEAM

Exhibited at Salmagundi

"I designed this painting around the idea of setting up a still life in water. Setting up a dark lined reflecting pool in relation with the subdued chromatic background, the floating flowers, and the dark pedestal in the center all combined to create the atmosphere I was trying to achieve, stillness, and a feeling of architecture being taken back to a natural state. Atop the alter I was interested in the interplay of the delicate decay of the doll’s wax face and the sharp angular highlights of the plastic encompassing the monkey skull; so different, yet both belonging in that work. In my work, I give great thought to every object I let in, the light, the colors, the design, always making sure it is as tight as it can be and all working together to convey the emotion intended." – Matthew Bober