Scent and Sensibility by Aaron Harker

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Aaron Harker

Scent and Sensibility


71.12 x 50.8 x [*] cm | 28 x 20 in

Oil on linen

  • Third Place ($500 Cash Award) / Animals

“A newborn fawn is left alone by its mother. New to the world, it is exposed to all that the wild is, seemingly vulnerable and helpless.  However, this newborn has inherited secret weapons of survival. Bearing no scent at birth and covered in camouflaged spots, it is able to hide scentless and undetected while its mother can forage for sustenance after childbirth. The wily coyote lurks nearby, a cunning and deft hunter. He himself is struggling to survive, both sharing the same goal in opposition to each other, a microcosmic representation of nature’s symbiotic and contradictory existence.” - Aaron Harker