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After nearly 100 years of oppression, artists who believe in the realist tradition have a champion and a home.

The Art Renewal CenterR has pulled together an energetic, optimistic and brilliantly talented base of ARC Affiliated ArtistsSM, that makeup our ARC Living Artist and Master's GallerySM. As true masters in the visual arts, they are training and inspiring the next generation of artists, scholars and teachers, to protect, preserve and perpetuate traditional techniques and training with 21st century human subject matter.

We currently have three classifications for ARC artists:

ARCLA ARC Living ArtistSM
ARCALM ARC Associate Living MasterSM
ARCLM ARC Living MasterSM

To view demonstrations and video interviews with many of these artists, see our listing of videos and podcasts.

For information on how to apply to become an ARC Affiliated ArtistSM view our application.

Visit our events calendar to view a listing of demos, workshops, exhibitions, lectures and important dates relating to our ARC Affiliated ArtistsSM, ARC Allied OrganizationsSM, ARC ApprovedR Schools and more.