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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Dear Sirs:

I own and manage an art gallery in Madrid, Spain. I've just discovered ARC and will visit your pages many times. I could send you some paintings of our private collection of some Spanish artists that you have in your museum (f.e. Valentín de Zubiaurre: 20 photographs). We can also propose you some good realistic Spanish artists because it's our speciality and, as you know, Spain has a long tradition on this.

You can visit our web page at www.castello120.com. I propose you the "realismo" exhibitions, Javier Banegas, JM Gomez, Kike Meana, ... Please tell me if you want to receive the paintings of the Spanish masters that I can send you and where to do. Congratulations for your excellent work in defense of the realism. Please be comprehending with my English, I'm Spanish ...

Best regards: