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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Mr. Ross,

First let me tell you that your site, ARC, is a great encouragement to me. As an art student in high school and college in the 80’s this attitude towards realistic art was sorely lacking. I can’t tell you how I felt cheated by instructors who rewarded those who had little or no ability and frowned upon those of us who have strived for perfection.

In the High School of Art and Design I lucked out by having three great instructors. There was Irwin Greenberg, who now teaches watercolor at the Art Students League; Max Ginsberg who taught at the School of Visual of Arts and Irving Doctor who I believe is still at Art and Design. We had an early morning painting group which was duped the Old Hats Club because our emphasis on realistic painting from life and study of the old masters was considered outmoded by some of the other instructors. It was the best time I ever had in any school. That was to change when I went to college. Realistic art was frowned upon; the old masters were considered just that, too old. That was the worst time I ever had as a student. It made one feel as if there was no future in what your heart tells you to follow. I held on to my integrity, painted the way I wanted to and eventually left school. I still paint and draw as often as my two little ones allowed me to and every now and then I come close to something that I consider worth while.

What I am writing to say is this, your site is a wonderful encouragement to those who are either established or are just starting out, what about a competition for those of us who had fallen by the wayside, a chance to regain footing that was lost because of all those artistic hypocrites who taught at our art schools and controlled them for so many years?

Please give the idea some consideration. Anyways I am glad that someone had finally begun what I hope would the beginning of a rebirth to art and honesty.

Thank you

Gil Robles