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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I just HAD TO write something. I came across your site early this morning looking for some artists, and was mesmerized seeing an enormous number of artists you have here. I've been surfing the whole day, puzzled by where to look and what to open. This site is what I have been looking for for 2 years, since I joined the Internet. I can't believe it's not one of those pay-sites (let this not encourage you to become one).

There is one more thing I would like to thank you for (that's the reason of my writing to you). I graduated History of Art some 15 years ago and although my present job has nothing to do with it, art has always remained my love and interest. What was at first only disagreement with my colleague students and teachers (in secondary school) and most of my professors (at college) turned into my complex being supressed over the years. I have never had a feeling for abstract art which was a blasphemy for my teachers who had been brought up on Bauhaus. I never visit any gallery, never go to exhibitions. I tried at first, but I was annoyed by all those snobs who "understood" what those impostors hanging on the walls wanted to "say". I remember the sour face of my teacher of drawing when I showed him the book with Michelangelo's wall paintings I had just bought. Abstract seems to me as a cover for untalented and unskilled. Anybody can be a painter now. I myself am too shy, I enjoy to paint but I'm not good enough. For the same reason I don't wear mini-skirts, I have terrible legs.

I live on the edge of the world (Croatia), but it's nice to know that there are people somewhere in the world who share my sense of beauty. Thanks again, I AM NORMAL.


-- Sanja

P.S. William Bouguereau, what a revelation! How many William Bouguereaus are still in hidden files?