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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I do genealogy as a hobby and periodically do a web search for some of my family names. Recently when I put in "Eborall," I was led to your site and the article on John William Godward. What a treasure! John William Godward's mother was Sarah Eborall, sister of my great grandfather. The genealogy information in the article is extremely accurate! It matches exactly what I have spent years accumulating. But the surprise was I did not know John William was an artist! I have been amazed at his work (I am not an artist!). I was incredulous at the picture of his mother .... resemblance to my own mother is stunning .... and was so pleased to be able to print off a copy for my files. I have emailed several relatives to tell them of your site and of the article on John William Godward. I was disappointed not to find the painting of his sister referred to in the article.

Thanks so much for putting this article on line!