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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I have read the Good art bad art article while milling around the web in search of a Joan of Arc painting I once saw in an encyclopedia.

Fred Ross, is DEAD right! Many of the Great Modern artists, including Picasso, that I "studied" in my art classes I have viewed as completely pointless, and art study to me seemed to get more and more boring after the 19th century. In the last art class I took in college, the professor, showed us his art in High School, which consisted of well drawn true to life objects. He also showed us his works, once he received his Masters in art, which consisted of chalk stick figures on the blacktop, like any 5 year old kid can do. most of his work was praised for its politically correct statements such as save the environment, etc ... I really like this site, and will be sure to continue visiting.

If there is anything I have learned to do in college, studying art, its how to BS something I have done that totally sucks, with big words. As long as it symbolizes something innovative, it's GOOD :P