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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I am an art teacher from upstate NY and I have writtten once before but I have to commend you again. There is no way to see all the things you have to share and the intensity in which new information is added almost daily. Not only has displaying items in my classroom from your site, such as the artwork and articles I have found here, helped improve my students' work but it has also helped my personal work and with a new burst of energy. I read the article on the introduction of a 'salon' competition. I would like an update and the status of this as I am very interested. Also I see there is a students' competition - have you ever considered a competition strictly for art instructors???? Locally, we are holding the first annual Art Educators Competition this year and it has caused a lot of excitement and interest in our area. Again, let me end with commending all of you and your efforts with this sight. I've also been able to share it with many of my alumni art students who are searching for direction. With today's art colleges and universities that tend to frown upon excellence and true beauty, they are also grateful for your website.

God bless you and all your undertakings.

Bob Renaud

-Upstate NY.-