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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I just wanted to tell you that one year ago I got a job at the Fog Art Museum. I was hired to be a security guard and to watch over the art; but instead of guarding it, I found myself studying the great masterpieces before me. Being paid to look at beautiful things was a dream job for me, since I also paint.

But last month they took all of the art on the entire second floor, where I am stationed, and installed modern art collected by Lois Orswell. All of the work looks like kindergarten scribbles, it's so bad. Now going to work is something I dread. It's all complete garbage by people like De Kooning and David Smith. Most of the patrons are disappointed, coming from all over the world expecting to see great art. I hear many complaints from them. Of course there are some idiots who think they know some secret information why scribbles are meaningful; they think they are very sophisticated because they "understand" and we don't.

It's a disgrace that a major museum would offend people this way, but it doesn't stop there. In another wing of the Fog, called the Busch Gallery, there is an exhibition of photographs by Wolfgang Tillman. Many of the photographs are of dirty dishes. On the wall there is a lenthy "explanation" of what the "art" means. Of course it's written by a person with a Phd, and they endlessly talk about society, consumption, and the media. Well, you could look at your foot and talk about these things. I don't have a Phd, and I could come up with something more "entertaining" than his drivel - not to mention some real art!

You should pay a visit to the Fog, its unbelievable!