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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Your articles are very inspiring, and honest.

I really can't wait to see the "revival" of great art. (Although I'm sure it's happening now, and even faster because of WONDERFUL sites like this.)

It never made sense why these rubbish excuses for art were popular, but your articles explained it very well. Whenever my cousin and I were taken to art galleries we would always laugh at all the great pieces of wasted canvas and paint on the walls .. My dad told me you could take a crap off a building onto a canvas and call it "Crap from heaven" and it would easily sell for thousands. He is right, and you are all right. Modern art is a joke.

It's really quite magnificent what you are all doing. You are, no doubt, opening the eyes of thousands, you should be very proud! It gives hope to so many who are people disgusted by modern art.

And .. I think we should all buy t-shirts and write (in fabric paint) ArtRenewal.org

I want to write it in the sky!

Thanks again :)