I absolutely love your website.

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I absolutely love your website.


Published before 2005

I absolutely love your website. It is an inspiration to all those younger painters who wish to become true artists rather than modern art rejects. I am an aspiring young artist (18 years old) and consider my drawing and painting skills to be at an excellent standard for my age. I adore realist paintings such as these because that is what art is about. I always do research on these artists and only just came to realise how many geniuses there are. If I show any ordinary person on the street a painting by William Bouguereau and a painting done by Picasso or Matisse, and asked them which picture is a work of art, surely enough they would pick William Bouguereau. I judge my perception of art on the public because they are the ones who know what art is, even if they don't really understand it.

I despise modern art because it is the downfall of humanity, and it is just like saying 'is this the best the human race can do?' Modern artists have no skill, originality, and are a complete waste of space. Modern art is an embarrassment to the people who do it and the people who look at it. Modern art is the long drop of our cultural diversity and it must be stopped. Although I am only young, I am going to do everything I possibly can to show the world that modern art is rubbish and that realist paintings are what art is all about. Modern artists are rejects of society and are nothing but frauds. I believe art is like a trade in which one needs to see and have technical mastery of the medium they are using in order to become a true master. No one is born an artist, but I still believe that in realist paintings you either have it or you don't.

I commend you, who run the ARC, because until now I did not know who William Bouguereau was and how masterful and amazing his paintings were. You have a done a service to society in reasurring artists who still practice the traditional aspects of true art that there is hope for our modern geniuses. I once again thank you for putting this site up and I hope it stays up as long as the Internet is alive. I will never resort to becoming a modern artist because I know that with my skill I will show the world that classicist painting is true art and it is here to stay forever.

Best Wishes,
Ben Davis