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Published before 2005

Dear Sir,

I've been always fascinated by classical art. I am 26 and have about 10 years of experience in painting and drawing. I have the honor of being one of the students of Master Morteza Katouzian-The greatest painter of Iran. I love to paint.

I couldn't have thought that there might be a web site dedicated to Classical art so respectfully like that.

One day, I was searching the web for a sign of the great master William Bouguereau. I was going to be diappointed when I found nothing useful about him after searching for hourse. Suddenly, I found your website. When I entered I couldn't beleive my eyes. It was great. I eventualy had found what I desired. A comprehensive library of classcal paintings as well as a great archives of articles. I didn't hesitate and went directly to Bouguereau's section. Wow! I couldn't beleive that these high quality pictures are downloadable. What a spectaculare collection. I feel sorry about those who tried to disparage his works. He was a god in painting and he is forgotten now. Those who are responsible in disparaging him are unforgivable. I wish I could meet him and kiss his hands.

Anyway, I am so happy to know that, there are still some people in the world who admire and cherish classical art and are devoting their lives in educating and encouraging art lovers to keep painting with this style.

I hate this anti-art called Modernism. Modern art has become the shelter of untalented persons. Persons who have no place in art and disguised as artists. Even in Art history books, it's hard to find Bouguereau's name. Sometimes there's only 3 or 4 sentences about his life, but 3 or 4 pages biography of Picasso. It is shameful. They say that it's a waste of time to do a realist painting with such an effort, when a camera can capture that moment within a second. That's a nonsense. It's like to ask: why do you climb the mountains to reach the peak when you can go up with a helicopter? They can't understand that the result is not the only goal. Another important thing is how to achieve it. Otherwise, there's no camera to capture a picture as beautifully as a pinting.

However, I want to thank you for presenting this remarkable web site and for all your efforts.

I hope to have the honor of being one of your students someday,


Shahrad M. Fazeli, IRAN