From my heart, thank you.

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From my heart, thank you.


Published before 2005

From my heart, thank you. You are a hero in the truest sense of the word. As a classical pianist and aspiring composer, I faced in Music School the same horrors of which you speak. Yet after a lifetime of observation and analysis, my conclusions as to "what went wrong" are perhaps a bit different than yours. For example, having no training at all in the visual arts, and relying only upon my own authentic esthetic experience, I have had intense and profound spiritual experiences standing in front of, believe it or not, both Cezanne and Picasso. Not often, but it happened. Somehow I doubt that this was a result of Delusion. It certainly was not the result of brainwashing. Yet I stand with you completely in what you are setting out to do, which I see as nothing less than a commitment to reinstate Truth and Beauty to their proper place. I only hope that the dichotomizing that, in my view, led to the near demise of our precious Muses, can at some point be left on the battlefield, believing as I do that it can never in truth enter the "inner sanctum", no matter how how hard we might try to bring it there.

Until a couple of months ago I knew nothing of your efforts, and had little understanding of the specifics of the last century's art history,though I could tell that art was suffering the same illness as music, and simply kept a safe distance to preserve my own health. But the stream of my life has taken a sudden shift, and I am now the Director of a small gallery on Maui which is dedicated to providing an alternative to the mediocrity which has too long reigned. From this standpoint I am tremendously heartened to have come across your website and truly excited to see that so much has already been accomplished.

We are a very samll gallery, on a very limited budget, but I would like, upon approval of my partners, to take the $1000. I had set aside for advertising and place it in your hands. I can't imagine a better way to invest in the future of art, and what could be more relevant to our gallery than that?

Thank you again. I will be in touch and would also love to hear from you if time permits.

Yours Truly,
Margo Morris
Dragon's Pearl Fine Arts
Maui, Hawaii