Apologizing for loving realism, no more ...

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Apologizing for loving realism, no more ...

From Antoneavic, Lilly

Published before 2005

Dear Sir,

My name is Lillyana and I am freelance realist artist based in Melbourne in Australia.

I just visited your awesome website that gave me confidence to continue creating art in realistic style which I LOVE..

I  used to go around and apologize to mostly my abstract loving teachers  who  repeatedly  told me that realism is noting special, anyone can do it it is , boring,  and  I might as well take a photo..

As result of this I gave up  painting  for decades.

I apologized for loving realism and admiring   Vermeer,  Leonardo,  Michael Angelo, and many more classical painters..

After I  saw your website  it gave me confidence that there is nothing wrong with realism,  and my  interest in this style is NO CRIME as some abstractionists  wanted me to believe. 

I love ALL realism  especially Photo Realism which I am trying to perfect in my own paintings.

I specialize in portraits, both human and animal kind, I especially like to draw and paint cats.. ALL cats, big and small.

I work in all mediums from pencil on paper to oil on canvas .. 

I just wanted to thank you for an EXCELLENT WEBSITE that gives hope to us realists out there.

Thank you for your time reading this email.


Sincerely Yours,

Lilly Antoneavic. xxx

PS: Here is my humble no frills website  to look at my art  when you have time and if you feel like it.