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Force for Good in the Art World


Published before 2005

June 5th 2012

My deepest thanks to you for being such a force for good in the art world. If future generations have any squabble over the role Art Renewal played in the course of history, it will only be how exponential the influence was in this great revolution of truth and beauty. I think no one could restrain any longer this surge of hungry artists looking to restore art to its forgotten greatness, but Art Renewal has been a Promethean spark, a truly international touchstone for classical artists in every corner of the world, a reassuring presence that we are no longer isolated flames in a darkened world, but part of an ever growing bonfire that can longer be hid.

The day I found Art Renewal I was like a wanderer who had found a home. So, again, as one who was once a lonely classicist but now feels part of a great movement, I express my heartfelt gratitude for all Art Renewal has done over the years. You hold high the torch that lights the path of an ever-growing multitude, and you help countless artists in their search to find what it means to be a master.


Joseph Brickey