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Support for the Cause


Published before 2005

Mr Ross,

I am so glad that I found your ARC. I can't tell you how exactly I share your sentiments. I just read your statement on the impression that Bouguereau made upon you when you first encountered his work. I had precisely the same experience (though it was an online gallery of his work, not one particular piece), and it reinforced my suspicions that his work, and work like his, was being depreciated by the professional art community for reasons I didn't understand. Frankly, I still don't understand it, but I particularly appreciated your statement:

"For over 90 years there has been a concerted and relentless effort to disparage, denigrate and obliterate the reputations, names and brilliance of the academic artistic masters of the late 19th century. ... It is incredible how close Modernist theory, backed by an enormous network of powerful and influential art dealers, came to acquiring complete control over thousands of museums, university art departments and journalistic art criticism."

I am so excited to finally find like-minded people on this issue. I am in no position to aid your work, as I am young and poor, but I hope that in the coming years I will acquire sufficient means to advance your wonderful cause.

Thank you,

Nathan Lassig