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Art Schools in England


Published before 2005


I am writing because I want to study art in England! I am at my wits end trying to find somewhere to teach me to paint! My more realist painting approach has not helped to get me into an English university since they value concept rather than outcome. This now leaves me the impossible situation of trying to improve by myself- which I can only do up to a point. I am extremely determined that learning to paint in a realist style is what I want. I have already sought out the Florence Academy of Art and this, hopefully, is where I will eventually study. In the meantime, I wish to gain tutoring from an English realist painter- I do not know where to start in trying to find one! Since I have no funding, I need to be absolutely sure that I can achieve painting in this style. I am fully aware of the dedication and commitment that is needed for this type of art and I am more than willing to give it- I just need to be given the opportunity to begin.

I was hoping that ARC may provide me with a list of English realist painters- or better yet an institute running in England that I can get in touch with. I am extremely grateful for your time.

Thank you,
Isabel Miller