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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005


My wife, who is an artist, sent me a link to your Philosophy page and I have spent the time to review this section. What an awakening!

Having been in professional audio for over 40 years, the parallels to the music industry today are uncanny. It is like the same scam has been perpetrated again to the musical arts. I could go on for pages here on what has happened to the art of microphone technique and placement along with other tenants of audio and the outright distortion of the laws of acoustics and general physics being taught in the universities and in the popular audio press...or just ignored altogether. The results of which you are both musically and sonically being subjected to.We have the finest audio tools ever to do great audio but the skill set is systematically being destroyed.

God help the arts.

Keep up the great work.


> Ed Wolfrum, Ph.D.