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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Dear Madam or Sir!

Here in Sweden they only accredit colleges for state student grants/loans. The Swedish art colleges are, according to me, horrible and you can only be accepted if you have the "right" view upon contemporary art. Can you not write the institution for accrediting schools in Sweden: HSV, and try to convince them to accredit schools you approve of? Also can you try to contact the Royal Swedish Academy of Art (Kungliga Konstakademien - not a school but an institution) and also "lobby" for this cause. Me they won't listen to - and only say: If those schools aren't accredited as colleges or universities in their own countries they aren't any good, and then they laugh and think they know the best.

Myself I have already used up my student loans (om mostly not too good schools) but for future students who do want a good education in painting and drawing, and to irritate the "art mob" over here who would hate it if such schools would be approved for student grants/loans because they have been taught to hate classical painting at the Swedish art colleges.

Address to "HSV": hsv@hsv.se
    Box 7851
    S-10399 Stockholm

Address to "Kungliga Konstakademien":
    Box 16317
    S-10326 Stockholm

Håkan Lundberg