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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I don't know how many of you watch 20/20, but tonight's show was called "The Real Deal," where one of the subjects was tested as to whether or not modern art was "the real deal." They had people vote online as to what seemed to be better or more valuable "art," from Pollock to flea market stuff, but the identity of the works weren't shown. And the unknown flea market painting (bought for $5) got the most votes. People couldn't tell the difference. Not suprising. They also lined up various modern art work, among them were paintings done "professionally" and one done by a 4 year-old; the people viewing these didn't know that. Among those viewers were experts on modern art (painters, critics). The experts seemed to really latch on to the one by the 4 year-old which was (as you would imagine) just random blobs and drips. One guy even said, "There's some tension with the light and dark..." and all that intellectual stuff, thinking this was serious work. Then the reporter (John Stosel) informed the man that it was done by a 4 year-old and he was stunned, standing there trying to defend his words. He came up with the obvious, "Well then this 4 year-old has talent!"

Anyway, there's more but I was noticing that finally this is being talked about openly on major network TV. And John Stosel was being very honest saying, "I just don't get it," and he asked, "Why is this stuff art?" And he also mentioned at the end of the segment that our tax money is being spent funding this stuff in museums, as to bring attention to that fact. I was pleasantly surprised to see that on TV tonight. I guess it's a sign of what's to come?