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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I am a classically trained traditional painter who has always admired beautiful art. I have to tell you that I ran across your site by accident several weeks ago, and I have spent countless hours since then looking up familiar and unfamiliar painters of the past. What a great artist's site to explore until your eyes begin to spiral. I am delighted with the large clear images that can't even be found on most big name gallery sights. The clarity is so good that on some paintings I can actually see the grain of the canvas and ridges on thick paint strokes. Bravo to all of you that made this sight first class. Finally... a place for artist and public alike to see beautiful academically superior paintings quickly and conveniently. Although it is not the same as seeing the originals or doesn't take the place of a fine quality reproduction in a book, ARC is like an Encyclopedia with excellent visual examples. Thank you for the No. 1 website on the "real" masters of the arts.

Thomas Watson,
OPA Signature Member