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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Good afternoon all,

I wanted to thank all of those participating; there are so many incredible artists here. The knowledge here and on Cowdisley is amazing and inspiring, actually changing my course as an artist.

I did get some sampling of my work up on the Goodart site as it seems important I present myself so as I ask questions or participate all know the level of my experience. With the exception of the Sunset, my prior work is acrylic. It’s this change in mediums, inherent style and direction that marks my choice in becoming a student again. To have found ARC and this amazing group of artists gave me hope that beautiful art still thrives. Many of the abstract works/world discussed here of late turned my head from the arts all together and I found my way painting private commissions. Given the level of expertise here, I have so much to learn and eager to do so.

Thank you all,
Monica Nelson