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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Dear Sir,

I can't afford to become a member (in any category), at least not at this point in my life, but the member sign up was the only place I could find your email address and I wanted so much to express my gratitude for this site! [ ARC's contact details, including our email addresses, may also be found on our home page. - Ed ]

What an incredible website, there's nothing else like it in cyberspace I'm sure, and I feel utterly blessed to have stumbled across it. THANK YOU ! I have dabbled in the arts on and off all my life, from painting pottery in Scottsdale, to doing a Mall show of my paintings, to trying my hand at sculpture, to finally becoming so discouraged with my limited abilities I threw away every work I had left along with all my paints, brushes, etc. (That was a few years ago.)

Recently my granddaughter expressed an interest in learning to paint, so I bought her some acrylics and canvasses, brushes and such and bought myself some also as well as some oils, to work along side her to encourage her in her interest.

In searching the web for examples of art to inspire us, I found your site and was totally blown away by the fact that you not only have an extensive amount of art to view, but that you aren't charging me to just LOOK at it! THANK YOU!

I love Rockwell so looked his name up on the list and was thrilled at the response you wrote to the person who took homage with Rockwell's portrayal of American life... ( and seemingly Americans in general).

If I ever am in a position to support a web page, this will be it.


Jody Burton,
Las Vegas, Nevada