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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Just a note to say THANK YOU ALL for helping us learn more about the subject of *Good Art* this past year! Nicole is seriously considering a workshop or two before making the move to fulltime study, with encouragement from members of this group and others. Angel Art Academy may have some space available in Jacksonville this January, and Tony Ryder has invited her to Palm Beach that month as well.

Nike was especially impressed with Tony's books, and I was impressed with the work that came from her pencil onto the sketchpad upon taking up the study of this and other recommended texts. I would love to encourage her in any way that I can. We do need to write Tony and ask him about the FL workshop, though, as it's listed on his website as an oil class and on the Armory site as a drawing course. If anyone knows the correct details, pass them on. I had been thinking that this session was scheduled for March, so thought we had some time to plan for it. Time to get on the ball!

Anyway, we've also mentioned the fact that we'd like to get our local art league up to speed on the work of ARC (the retirees are in a watercolor slump...) and perhaps find some interest in the Ocala, Tampa, and Orlando communities for bringing Master artists to our area. Suggestions for accomplishing this feat welcome and encouraged!

Here's to Good Times & Good Friends!
God Bless Us, Every One

Happy Holidays from
Penne & the Crew