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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Hi Iian,

Thanks so much for your fast and informative reply.

My first thought upon seeing the Gérôme work was of the movie Gladiator! Scott really captured the drama and the panorama of the painting.

Thanks to ARC I have absolutely fallen in love with (I know I will spell this wrong as it is from memory) Bouguereau. In researching him further after I left the ARC site yesterday I found that the painting that spoke to me most, Charity (not Indigent Family/Charity) is right here in my area, at the Smith College Museum of Art!!!! I am planning my week around going to sit in reverie at this picture. I am in LOVE!!! Amherst College has another of his works, but they are closed this summer, so that will be a fall treat for me.

Anyway, thanks so much again for providing this beautiful, amazing, wonderous resource for the world.