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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005


We are swamped with mail ... 250 per day, sorry it took so long to get back to you.

Basically you need to decide whether you want a master’s in Fine Arts degree which is no better than a gold star placed on your homework when you were a small child. It has wonderful symbolic feel-good value, but it means little, if nothing, concretely.

Or if instead you want to really learn how to paint like the masters, so that with that knowledge you can realize the creativity of your artistic ideas and goals. Eventually we hope to convince some universities or colleges of the benefits of offering a degree program with “embedded” ateliers on campus, but consider this:

ARC found 16 ateliers that met our rigorous standards for training artists, just 2.5 years ago, and listed them on our website as ARC Approved Atelier Art Schools.

Most of those first 16 schools have increased their enrollments over 400%. Since then we have grown to 53 schools with more clamoring to get ARC Approval every week. From roughly 220 students we now have 2500 to 2800 students being properly trained.

We’ve found to date about 50 artists, most of which we have added full galleries to our site as Living Masters(tm), and every one of them to our knowledge has enjoyed significant growth in their careers.

We just ran our first ARC Salontm and had over 110 entries. The winners page of the ARC Salontm is the most visited pages now on ARC, and to date there have been $126,900 in prizes and purchases due to those announcements only 30 days ago.

I really can’t spend any more time on this now, but I strongly urge you to look through our atelier listing, and take the plunge for “real” art education. Read the ARC Philosophy, and if you agree, join us and play a role in turning the art world back on it feet after nearly a century on its head.

ARC currently has more visitors than America’s largest museum, the Metropolitan in Manhattan.

We receive 350,000,000 hits from 5,400,000 visitors per year.

Fred Ross, Chairman,
Art Renewal Center, 100 Markley Street, Port Reading, NJ 07064