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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

I was introduced to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts as a young, wild street kid in the early 70's. A piece of art on display captured my heart and spirit and has made an impact on my life. That piece is Bohémienne by William Bouguereau.

Because of that painting I returned many times to the MIA. Because of that painting I studied art history and studio arts as an electrical engineering student at the U of M. Because of that painting I became a member of the MIA. Now it seems because of that painting I will be withdrawing my support for the MIA.

Thank you for publishing the news, and trying to save our treasure. I have contacted many of the principles at the Institute of Arts, including Dr. Maurer and Patrick Noon. But I also took notice in the members magazine that Govenor Pawlenty and State Representative Len Biernat also serve on the Board of Trustees. Perhaps they will be more responsive to the public interest!

Oh, and the other thing I took note of in the members magazine: 100 million dollars in planned expenditures to "improve" the museum... what an insult!

Joe Swierczek