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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Thanks for posting my letter, that was a nice thing to see this morning. I would like to make a few remarks regarding your email if you don't mind. I'm no longer with the college, having retired two years ago but I did have a say in who would replace me. Brian Barr has a strong classical background and impressive drawing skills himself. I wanted to make sure that these students recieved a healthy dose of fundamentals and not be led down the garden path of nihilistic nonsense so prevalent in art schools today. If you'd like I'll talk to Brian about ARC and pass on the application you've mentioned sending me.

As for my years under the tutelage of the 'Sponge Bob Square Pants' Albers disciple, (an apt simily by the way, but only if Sponge Bob had been run over by a steam roller), they were brief and the influence negligable though I did come away from Color Theory with boxes of very pretty paper. I settled eventualy into a style with similarities to Edward Hopper and Diego Rivera. Not exactly in a league with the Academic Masters' technique wise but within my capabilities and something I was comfortable with.

I've always had an enormous respect for these marvelous victims of XXcentury art bigotry. I 'discovered' Bouguereau et al back when there works were hidden from view in the basements of the museums where once they'd been the show pieces. It was a revelation to stumble right into the Bouguereau retrospective in Montreal back in 84. I was there on a vacation and had no idea the show was in town In graduate school I wrote a thesis on the teaching methods used in the École des Beaux-Arts in the XIX century. Did you know the students had drapery classes every Saturday morning at seven! Or that a fellow there, a drawing master by the name of LeCoq de Boubadran (spelling probably suspect) taught by memorization, beginning with a single line on a page it's characteristics comitted to memory and then put to the test the next day, each exercise becoming more complex until entire scenes could be retained at a glance ... in theory anyway. Well, I've taken up enough of your time. Thanks again and I'll keep spreading the word.