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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Thank you for your website.

I cannot put into words the emotions I am feeling after viewing the paintings of Bouguereau. My heart is racing in my chest because of the beauty of his work. I have admired this artist for many years but I honestly had no idea of the breadth of his work until I found your website. Thank you for your work. Thank you for making these images available to anyone who has an appreciation for beauty but not the means to acquire them through other methods. Now I know that the site exists, I plan to take advantage of the knowledge available, and I will become a member when I am able.

Viewing his paintings has created a stirring in me that I can only explain as being spiritual. I work with an art student, and she had never HEARD of Bouguereau until I took a water damaged calendar containing reproductions of his paintings to work. I wanted to reproduce the images to enjoy in my home and received the unexpected bonus of enjoying the reaction she had upon seeing his work for the first time. Others at work have also enjoyed viewing the copy of The Broken Pitcher I have hung up in my small office. I suppose you could say that I gave to my colleagues, in a small way, what you have given, in a much bigger way, to me today. My life has been enriched.

Thank you.
Elaine Strathie