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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Thank you Drew for these sentiments so beautifully expressed.

We have received scores of letters in the last couple of days expressing the same sentiments.

I went to examine her in person at Christie's auction house today, and found her to be in perfect condition despite the fact that the head curator of the MIA, told a crowd who came to a lecture there a month ago, that there was over painting and potential condition problems.

As one of the two world experts on Bouguereau, second only to Damien Bartoli, and having viewed 200 of his works in the flesh, including having studied several as they were being restored, I can say with complete certainty that this painting is in perfect original condition exactly as painted by the artist.

Best wishes,
Fred Ross
Art Renewal Center, 100 Markley Street, Port Reading, NJ 07064
President Bouguereau Committee