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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Hi Fred and Sherry,

I was just on your Norman Rockwell page on ARC and I think it is wonderful. Thank you for including him in your museum. I am sick of all the people who put him down and say "he is just an illustrator" and he is not a real artist. Art has no boundaries, so what if Rockwell's paintings were illustrations, who cares. Who said that just because a painting has been commissioned as an illustration it can't be great art? Wasn't the Sistine Chapel commissioned by the church? Rockwell's work has all the elements of what great realist art should have: impeccable drawing and painting, unique point of view (whether you agree with it or not), stylistic perfection (you know a Rockwell when you see one) and that little extra something that indicates Genius. Rockwell can't be discarded in Art History, he presented us with a vision of America and followed through with it 100%. What is wrong with that??? His work transcended the fact that it was commisioned for illustrational purposes. There is no one else who did what he did, as well as he did.

Thanks Again for everything,
Gabriela Dellosso