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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Yes, I am English -- or to be exact, Anglo-Irish. English titled names can be complicated -- lots of people in England get them wrong, too. I don't really know why I know about titles -- I don't have one -- but I've researched & written a fair amount about English history & literature, & I read a great deal of P. G. Wodehouse in my youth.

Your site is wonderful. A friend, Bill Coles, introduced me years ago to Classical America when we were both teaching at the University of Michigan, and that was the real beginning of my artistic education in this country. Bill had known Ives Gammell well, and when Gammell died, he named Bill as his artistic executor -- so I was interested to see that so many of the ateliers you list traced their origins to Ives Gammell's atelier in Williamstown, Mass. I used to hear a lot from Bill about Gammell as the last real representative of the Boston school, and a great educator of young painters.

My wife, who paints very well, is eager to become a student at one of the ateliers you list, and delighted to discover that such things exist. There is no teaching to be had in the colleges around here (Western Mass.) though they all have "art" departments -- in fact the word "fraud" comes to mind!

So thank you very much for your work.

Frank (and Elizabeth) Brownlow