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Letter to ARC


Published before 2005

Dear Mr Ross,

I have no objections what so ever. Thank you for your commitment and dedication. It is always comforting to know that one is not alone and the ARC has given me that hope. As for me, my atonement for abandoning what I truly believed art was, but was too affraid to defend due to fear of rejection or shame, began approximately two weeks ago when corresponding with Virgil Elliott.

I have "regretfully" been a graphic designer for 12 years, and most of the techniques I grew up developing were quickly broken down in college, to prepare me for an industry that thrives on deadlines and computer generated imagery. I can't say that I ever felt "at home" with modernist concepts, or as a graphic designer for that matter. It's all too easy these days with the help of technology, and I've always been weary of things that require little struggle to attain. I have lied to myself for too long. I have, however, once again picked up my charcoal and will re-teach myself to draw and paint. I can't afford tuition as yet but am planning on studying further in Florence. Baby steps as they say, because I have subsequently discovered just how "rusty" I have become and how my cynicism towards art has rendered me emotionless towards the subjects. No matter, for I haven't felt like this about developing my artistic abilities for years. Hopefully there is something there after all. For this, I thank you.

Kind regards and best wishes,