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Published before 2005


If the masters were so secretive about using those devices, then why did they pass it down to their students, which they must have if all of the fine realist artists from the 14th to the 19th century used optical devices.

And then, why did they become secretive then only in the 20th century such that no artists any longer were taught to do it that way?

But Hockney claims they were secretive all along. That's why no records exist of these devices being used. But then how did their students find out about them? And if the students didn't find out, then most of them must have not used those devices.

The whole thing is a Gordian knot of self justifying claptrap.

And if they were teaching it to all those generations of artists, would that not disprove his belief that they were being secretive?

Basically Hockney is saying, "I can't draw, and I'm a genius, so it can't be that anyone else can draw now or in the past. Therefore all the masters must have cheated."

Bravo Mr. Do O Filipe. Well said.

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