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Letter to ARC


Published on before 2005


My name is Aline Araujo de Assumpção. I am a young Brazilian student, 17 years old, and I discovered your site a little while ago, and found it wonderful.

I was born in 1985 and have studied art since I was 13. I don't know how to speak very good English. I want to grow more in the area of Painting. I make pictures, I paint oil on canvas. I would love it if you could send me all your articles, as I have little time to be on the internet, to print the important pages. If that is too hard, I earnestly ask you to send me a file, not including all the pages, just the most important ones you can fit in a file, because I would like to print it out directly.

I take painting classes twice a week: on Tuesday, 8 hours, and on Saturday, 10 hours, or when I have test in my school alone, 5 hours. If I could be useful, without any ulterior motive, of telling other artists about you, I can speak on that subject to my teacher, that his ally you are in the United States.

Good at once I thank to you, I await answers, a great hug.

Aline A. de Assumpção