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Letter to ARC


Published on before 2005


I am an art lover from Turkey (currently based in Bamberg/Germany); and one of my favourite periods/styles, indeed the favourite, is European classical realism; and I have been regretting its demise in the last century very much ... until I discovered your site and found that I wasn't the only one feeling that way and suspecting something fishy about the entire modern art movement all along. I hope you realise that you are doing an historic mission and doing it very well indeed, if I may say so.

The same ills that have afflicted European painting during the last century has also afflicted art traditions in Islamic countries, as well, and we unfortunately have very similar problems (in Turkey at least) with our classical arts like calligraphy and paper marbling. I am a practising marbling apprentice and some of the things that I read in your forum could be applied word for word to our situation; and there are similar movements to save the classical arts in Turkey. [...]

Ali Suat Urguplu