Enrolment information for Academic Year 2023-2024

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Enrolment information for Academic Year 2023-2024

25 September, 2023 to 21 June, 2024

EUR 14700

Angel Academy of Art
10 Via Nardo di Cione, Firenze, Toscana

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Why choose this programme?

Unlike the majority of ateliers and Realist academies today, the Angel Academy features Pictorial Composition and teaches how to synchronise this with 21st-century Classic Realism.

This was the method of the great academic painters of the 19th century – Bouguereau, Gérôme, Leighton, Alma-Tadema, Ciseri, to name just a few – and is the complex principle on which their paintings were built.

This full-time diploma programme offers a precise methodology that systematically develops students’ skills. Classes are led through a progression of exercises and courses to master shape, proportion, tonal rendering, colour, texture, the illusion of three dimensions and composition; as well as how to imbue the painting with a feeling of life.

With us, you will also be taught the techniques used by the Old Masters, effectively employing the compositional principles of colour and design; studying and executing the progression from underpainting to overpainting; and bringing vivacity to Representational paintings and drawings.

Moderate class sizes and passionate teachers enable personalized instruction that leverages the unique assets and style of each student.

This programme includes instruction on the selling of Realism in today’s market and how to navigate the business side of art. Topics covered include: exhibiting, galleries, financing, pricing, market research, and promotion.  

A diploma is awarded to students who successfully complete the three-year programme.

Time can be spent beyond the Diploma Programme to further develop an inventory.

All courses are taught in English and typically include an international student body. The three year Diploma Programme has benefited from the perspective of over 18 different nationalities.

A triennial student show creates the opportunity to learn the complexities of preparing for, hosting, selling, and receiving feedback on work.

Time can be spent beyond the Diploma Programme to further develope an inventory.

Enrolment may take place at the start of any trimester.

Application Deadlines To start the Three-Year Diploma Programme

for the next Academic Year
March 1
June 1
October 1