Storytellers Exhibition

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Storytellers Exhibition

Published on April 2, 2020

Storytellers is an exhibition that celebrates artworks with narrative, that allow for a dialogue between artist and viewer, highlighting the seen and unseen.These artworks include subtle references to artist's personal lives, culture, political or social issues. Curated on technical skill, perceptual strength and executed with realist precision, this exhibition brings together artist's from around the globe including from the USA, India, Ireland and Australia .ARC Associate Living Masters Arina Gordienko and Vicki Sullivan are among the participating artists.

Co-curated by Dr Elaine Schmidt (USA) of the Bennett Collection of Women Figurative Realists, independent curator Didi Menendez (USA) and FLG Director Claire Harris, Story Tellers tells the story of us, in all our diversity.

To view the exhibition online, please click here