Tina Garrett Painting Demo

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Tina Garrett Painting Demo

Published on March 27, 2020

As a needed distraction from these crazy times, ARC Associate Living Master Tina Garrett has opened her online Facebook group mentorship page to anyone who wants to watch a one-day live painting demonstration broadcast.

To participate, visit Facebook and go to Artist Tina Garrett’s page and "Like" it. Facebook requires this or you won’t be able to request to join the group. Then, search the “Groups” tab for Artist Tina Garrett's Mentorship Group (not the students group) and request to join. Ignore anything about payment, etc., and your request to join will be granted. You'll be a free member from now until April 2nd. Be online and in the Artist Tina Garrett's Mentorship Group on Monday March 30th at 10am CST and enjoy the free, live and interactive broadcast painting demo. You'll even be able to ask questions!

To go to Tina's facebook page, click here.