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Ken Salaz Book

Published on February 6, 2019

ARC Living Master™ Ken Salaz will be releasing a new book this March titled Landscapes in Oil.

Landscapes in Oil is the first-ever comprehensive guide to classical landscape painting reinterpreted for the twenty-first century.

Drawing from the tradition established by American painters of the Hudson River School--artists like Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, and George Inness--author and painter Ken Salaz reveals great masters' philosophy and methods, updating their approaches for the contemporary landscape painter. Beginning painters are given the basic tools and step-by-step demonstrations, intermediate painters are challenged with unpublished techniques that allow them to break through to the next level, and advanced painters learn to apply their skills under unified theories.

"Practical as it is, Ken Salaz’s handsome new book is more than a how-to manual.  First, it shows us how the contemporary classical landscapist’s technical process crystallizes the profound beliefs of the Transcendentalists and Hudson River School artists who have so inspired Salaz. Second, he highlights the primacy of “contemplative painting,” of creating scenes that are not only beautiful and well made, but also able to bring the artist and the viewer to a higher plane.  For these reasons alone, this is book is another important step in the revival of tradition-minded art in North America over the last three decades..." - Peter Trippi

The book can be purchased at the following links: