The Vinetrope Adventures: Return of the Vinetropes, Book 1

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The Vinetrope Adventures: Return of the Vinetropes, Book 1

November 6, 2017

“The fairy world has returned!  They are real! But they call themselves vinetropes! Clean energy flows through their veins and they will change the course of history for all creatures on earth.”

It is an original fantasy/sci-fi novel, the first in a trilogy, The Vinetrope Adventures, entitled Return of the Vinetropes.  Written by Sherry L. Ross and lavishly illustrated by award winning artist, Julie Bell.  This modern day fairy tale blends the love of the classics, such as in The Narnia Chronicles and The Hobbit, with contemporary issues, themes and technology, creating a story that will resonate with today’s child. Julie’s 12 full-color, full-page illustrations and her many drawings throughout, make this a truly beautiful book. It can be found here in the ARC store,, Barnes and Nobles, Rizzoli’s in Manhattan and good bookstores everywhere. $17.95, 440 pages, published by The author’s royalties, when purchased in the ARC store, will go directly back to supporting ARC’s programs.

Perfect for children : 8 – 12