Educational Series Part II Published

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Educational Series Part II Published

August 31, 2016

Luke Fildes (1843-1927) British
Study of a plaster cast of a sculptural fragment, 1863
The second in a series of 15 plus articles by ARC COO, Kara Lysandra Ross, has been published in the Epoch Times. This article focuses on the academic style of study.

"Whether in France, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, America, or anywhere in the modern world during the 1800s, the entire nature and way in which art was taught was in direct contrast to the way art was taught in the majority of schools in the twentieth century and still in most cases today...The academy method of training in the 19th century was a full time endeavor only taken on by those who were serious and wished to be artists as a full time career; it was not considered an extracurricular activity. It was a way of life and all encompassing."

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