International 2007 ARC Salon

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International 2007 ARC Salon

February 8, 2008

The 2007 4th Annual ARC Salon Results are in.
his year the ARC Salon™ has continued its rapid growth in popularity since the 1st ARC Salon in 2004. More artists are submitting works and on average, each participant is entering more examples of their work.
This year's ARC Salon has been unbelievable. There were so many high quality works, that at first each of the four judges chose entirely different works, which was one of several causes of the unfortunate delay that took place, and for that we are deeply apologetic.
I know the anticipation that has been building ever greater each year, and I'm sorry if any one was inconvenienced. We also hit head on with the Holidays, and since most of the work is done on a volunteer basis, we had little choice but to adapt to people's schedules.

However, the wait was worth the wait. This year's Salon is better than ever.

See: Winners, Honorable Mentions and Finalists -150 in all