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ARC Scholarship Competition

May 20, 2016

The ARC Annual Scholarship Competition is more than half over, but there is still plenty of time for students to submit their works before the end date of May 31, 2016!

The Scholarship Competition is one of the most important programs offered by the Art Renewal Center. Our ARC Approved™ Ateliers are providing training for dedicated artists, passing down the accumulated artistic knowledge and methods developed over several centuries, which enable great works of art to be created today and in the future.

The Scholarship Competition is open to all students who are attending or enrolled in ARC Approved™ Ateliers.

To view our ARC Approved™ Atelier list, please click here.

To view the rules of the Scholarship Competition and apply, please click here.

Mary with Birds
by Aidan Barker-Hill
2014 Scholarship Competition
2nd Place Winner