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Live ARC Traveling Exhibition Tickets

December 31, 2015

ARC's first live show of 76 of the winning works and finalists from the 2014-2015 ARC Salon is coming to New York City, where it will hang at the prestigious Salmagundi Club from January 18th to February 4th.
ARC will be planning several lectures and educational events during the time the show will be in New York at the Salmagundi Club, including a speech by ARC Chairman Fred Ross, and a collaboration with the Da Vinci Initiative, whose mission is to bring skill-based techniques like those embodied by the works in the ARC Salon into K - 12 classrooms. The Da Vinci Initiative is planning a special forum for high-school students and teachers on the atelier training method and its benefits for those interested in pursuing a professional career in the arts. Tickets for all events are available for sale / RSVP through the ARC website. All proceeds will help fund the ARC and help to pay for the costs involved with running the show. Donations are also welcome and are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

To learn more about these events and to purchase tickets, please click here.

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